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Friday, 5 August 2016

RIP Louis Our Big Brave Boy

RIP LOUIS 21ST 0CT 2010 - 5TH AUG 2016

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to advise we lost our beautiful brave boy this morning.

Louis passed away in his sleep at Rutland House, he didn't make it long enough to use the new drug, he simply had enough. The staff at Rutland believe it was probably a blood clot that reached his brain, but we will never really know, but whatever it was that caused it, we take some comfort in the fact he died in his sleep.

We went over to see him yesterday evening and he looked comfortable but he was quite unresponsive. It was clear he had really had enough, but we hoped against all hope that he could hang on until the drug arrived from Holland, sadly that wasn't to be.

We will never forget the impact he had on our lives, with his constant mithering for attention, his demands for runs and new frisbees when he chewed through them, and his love of duck sausages. Our home feels very empty and quiet although Olga is trying her best to make some noise, but it's just not the same.

'His' field still has signs of him tearing round it, and bits of chewed up frisbee are everywhere. We can see his claw marks in the ground where he chased his furries, and although these are causing us pain at the moment I hope in time they will bring us comfort. People thought we were crazy to spend the money we did in trying to fight this illness, but we didn't care, unless you have invited a dog into your family you will never know how this feels.

AIHA is a horrendous disease, it literally strips the life out of our pets, we thought Louis was bullet proof and often said it, maybe we tempted fate - who knows.

This is the last post on Louis blog, I just wish it was from him and not me.

Thank you to everyone who has followed his life through this blog all 3000+ of you, I hope he entertained you and made you smile like he made us smile. We also want to thank everyone for your support and kind words during this difficult journey. 

Lots of Love
Louis Mum and Dad...

Monday, 1 August 2016

I’ve been on the transfer market for new red men.

Wooooofffff everyone Louis here….

I’ve just got back from Rutland, my Mum came to collected me because Dad has gone monstering.

I wanted to go with him but I wasn’t feeling too good, I was really tired, I think it was because me and Dad stayed up watching the men running around chasing a ball in the box in the corner until it was light this morning.
Dad was telling me about this Red Man called Klopp, he said when I lick my chops I make a ‘klopping sound’ – rude or what! – he also said he has been buying lots of red men recently and that we were going to be better this year. I thought, wow another man needing red men, I wonder if he goes to see Stefano at Rutland??

When we got to Rutland I just wanted to lie on the floor and cool down because I was really hot. I didn’t see Stefano sneak up on me, but I smelt the duck sausages in his pocket just before he got me hehhehe… It took me a while to get up, because for some reason I no longer have nice ankles, they are all puffy, Mum said I have Cankels now!! she’s a cheeky thing! When I got up I looked down and instead of seeing my big paws all I saw were 2 columns with nails at the bottom!! What had happened I’d only been asleep for 5 mins!, and in that space of time I had grown elephant legs! Once I hobbled into Stefano’s room, he looked at my gums and said “Louis Louis Louis, they are not good” - Well hello to you as well Stefano!!! That is going to cost you in treats now!

We went in the room with the moving walls, and then into the spinning room, my new friend Vicky gave me some chicken whilst Stefano nipped me for some of my red men. After a little while, he came back into the room and said “Come on Louis lets go and see your Mum and Dad”, that didn’t sound good L

When we went back into the room where Mum and Dad were, Stefano said I only had 13 red men left (PCV 13%), Mum’s eyes started to leak straight away and Dad just hugged me, Stefano said nothing was working. I looked at Dad and ‘Klopped’ I said “What about going to the same place where he got his red men from, because you said they will be better this year?”

Dad said Stefano needed to go to the transfer market and buy me some red men J Yesssssssssss that’s the way to go Dad. Stefano also mention some new sweeties but they are only sold in the place where someone called Micky Mouse lives? Micky – Mouse?? I’m not eating mouse food! Could you imagine how big my ears will go!! I could end up with ears like Olga!! Have I not suffered enough!!!

I’m going to have some tea and a nice sleep, I'm going to look after my new 23 red men (PCV 23%) I hope Mum doesn’t want to stay up late tonight, I could sleep forever…. I better not let Mum hear me saying that!

Love Louis and Olga


PCV 13% and dropping

Hi Everyone Louis's mum here....

Super quick update:

Louis is back in Rutland after his PCV levels dropped to 13% this morning, he's currently waiting for yet another blood transfusion.

It seems like this nasty disease isn't ready to let go of him yet, and it's feeling like it never will. I'm finding myself becoming jealous of healthy pink gummed dogs I see, I've even asked Olga why she couldn't help Louis, why did she have to have the wrong blood!.. she soon drags me back to normal by trying to give me a good wash! 

Stefano leaves Rutland on Thursday for his new job down south, but he's still trying to find something that will jolt Louis's body back into leaving his red blood cells alone.

He's found a paper about a drug used in America that acts like a Trojan horse when it enters the body, basically it's sneaks up on the cells that are killing his red blood cells and destroys them, but and there's always a but, he's not sure he can even get hold of this drug, or how much it will cost. So we asked for a blood transfusion to buy Louis a bit of time until Stefano can see if he can get this drug.

Hopefully I can pick Louis up tonight and bring him home.

Love Louis Mum


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sleepover at Rutland

Wooooooofffffffff Everyone Louis here…

I’ve just got back from a sleepover at Rutland, I’m not sure what happened, but yesterday morning I was fine but then around tea time I started with a really sore tummy, I couldn’t settle and was pacing around. Dad said I felt hot,  I thought I’m not surprised because someone has clearly left the oven on outside – it’s been red hot!

Dad said we had to go and see Mr Jones and My Nicky to make sure I was ok, so we went to say hello. Mr Jones said he needed to check my temp, oh my days!!! I wasn’t expecting him to take it there!!!! When he walked up to me I opened my mouth expecting him to put the thingy in there…. But nooooooooooo he went around to my rear end …I’m not Mr Jones’s friend anymore….He said I was ok and he gave me some sweeties for my upset tummy.

When Mum got home, she asked how I was and I ran up to her and told her about Mr Jones and the temp thingy, she gave me a cuddle and said I was a brave boy. Dad sorted my tea but I really didn’t want it then Mum shouted Dad to come in and look at my tummy, I looked down to see what all the fuss was and then when I saw this lump.. that wasn’t there before! Mum came over and felt it said she was worried about it, plus it hurt. She was straight on the phone to Rutland, they said I had to go over to see them, so off we went.

When we got there I shouted ‘Cornelia’ she came down and said ‘Louissssss my lovely boy’ – I love Cornelia she always has a little bag on her belt with treats in! J the Not Stefano had a look at my tummy and she said I looked like a cow!!! The cheek, Mum said it does look like a cows udder – not helpful Mum. Cornelia asked if I was having a sleepover and when Not Stefano said “Yes I think so” she got up and said she would get my room ready and put clean blankets on my bed, just before she left she gave me another couple of treats hehehehe, Mum and Dad gave me a cuddle and said goodbye, I was too busy following Cornelia to notice them leaving….

I was given some lovely strawberry medicine for my tummy ache, and Cornelia came and gave me a cuddle and continued with my bedtime story about ‘Dobieheart’ – this boy really is big and brave, this story was about how he had to clear 2 massive fields of furries and pesky birds!

When I woke up, Corneila had left her jumper with me so it felt like she had stayed with me all night J Jan came in and had a look at my tummy, he said it looks like I have liquid in there and it wasn’t anything to worry about, he said Stefano was coming in to spin my red men later. Just after my morning snack Stefano came in and said “Louis Louis Louis, what are you doing here again so soon!!” I looked at him and said “Duck sausages” hehehhe

Stefano spun some of my red men, and it came back as 22%, he said that I hadn’t gone up but I also hadn’t gone down, so he said I could go home as soon as Mum could come for me. Corneila said she would call my Mum and arrange for her to collect me. She said we will have one more story and cuddle first !!!hehehe…

So I’m home now and having a rest, I’ve told Olga she can stay in charge tonight… but then it’s back to normal tomorrow!

Love Louis and Olga

Monday, 18 July 2016

Brock and Me matching bald tummy's and 22% :(

Woooffffffff everyone Louis here…

I’ve been a lot better since my decorating incident last week, phew I’m glad that’s over and done with.. on the plus side Mum said she can get a new carpet in the bedroom, so I think I did her a favor really, Dad said no we don’t we’ll just get a rug! If you could have seen the look on Mum’s face, she looked like a bulldog hahaha.

I’ve been back on the naughty step again this week, which is so unfair because it wasn’t actually my fault – it was Dad’s, but Mum wouldn’t listen because she caught me red pawed. What happened was - Dad had given me a duck sausage and when he closed the bag up, and put it back on the side in the kitchen, I spotted a pesky bird on the wall outside and I was worried that it was going to fly into the kitchen through the open window and take off with them. Sooooooo I crept into the kitchen on my tiptoes and jumped up just to see if my duck sausages were still there, and when I went to jump down my nail caught on the bag and dragged it off with me, of course I was sniffing the bag and trying to push the sausages back in the bag when Mum caught me! She wouldn’t listen that I was only protecting them… I would have gotten away with it, if that sausage I was hiding in my cheeks hadn’t fallen out!

One of my friends called Brock scared his Mum and Dad the other day, he was playing with his Dad in his garden, I think they were playing throw catch with the ball, anyway one minute he was enjoying himself and the next he was rolling round on the floor holding his tummy. His Dad rushed him to the Not Stefano’s who said he has something called Bloat? His Dad’s eyes were leaking and he had to let the Not Stefano try and untwist his tummy… My Mum was really worried and she gave me extra cuddles, and we kept asking Brock’s Dad if there was any news, and after what felt like ages, he got in touch with Mum and said Brock had come through the op, and he wanted to go home, he’s such a fighter that boy that’s for sure, and now we have matching bald tummy’s hehehe

I told Brock every time I go to see Stefano I end up losing something, and today was no different, well it’s slightly different this time I’ve lost my little metal things and 3% of my red men L. Stefano looked at my gums and said they looked lovely and he was excited to spin my red men, when he counted them, he said I’d lost some I have gone down to 22%, I demanded a re-count but we got the same count! Honestly I have no idea what happens when I go in there but they always loose something of mine!

I knew Dad wouldn’t happy and oh my days how am I going to tell Mum – I’ll let Dad tell her.

Stefano only has one more week with me before he leaves me for his new job. Dad was talking to him and I heard Stefano say “it’s not working, removing his spleen hasn’t worked” Dad said “Well you better find something that will work then” So I’m getting some new sweeties not sure what they are but I hope they taste like strawberries or narna’s.

I’m just going to have some tea and then we are all going out for a trot round my field, it’s lovely a warm here today so Dad said let’s make the most of it while we can.

Lots of Love

Louis and Olga 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Rubbish aim and 25%

Woooooooffffffffff everyone Louis here……

Wow what a horrible few days I had!

On Tuesday in the middle of the night I woke up and was sick in Mum and Dad’s bedroom, I tried to wake Dad up but he couldn’t hear me over Mum and Olga’s snoring!

Mum had opened the window when she went to bed and I thought if I got to it quick enough then I’d be able to just stick my head out…. But nope I missed the open window and ended up decorating the heated wall!! I thought if I try and lick it up no-one would ever know!
Dad woke up when he heard me licking the heated walls, and shouted at me because he thought I was nibbling my little metal things. When he switched the light on and saw I’d been poorly he got up and said we had to go downstairs, I just got down to the bottom of the stairs and I was sick again… oh my days where was it coming from.. this carried on all night and all the next day. The more I was poorly the worst I felt, I couldn’t even face having a drink. Mum called Stefano and left a message with him to ring my Dad as soon as he could. 

Dad said he would stay at home with me and if I had to go to Rutland he could take me over.

I was still feeling poorly when the postman came, I couldn’t even be bothered to snatch the letters off him, so I sent Olga… that was a big mistake! As Mr Postie pushed the letters through the hole in the door, she started crying, I’ve shown her what to do loads of times but she just doesn’t get it. She came running back in the lounge crying saying someone was trying to get in through the hole in the door… she is such a silly girl.

Mum called Dad and told him Stefano wanted to see me later that day, I tried to stop being sick but it wouldn’t stop coming out of me!!!, I couldn’t even face a duck sausages….. I know … me not wanting duck sausages. I was so tired when we set off to Rutland, Dad had to almost carry me to the car… oh I felt so dizzy, I laid down in the back of the car because I couldn’t be bothered to say hello to everyone we passed.

When we got to Rutland, Dad lifted me out of the car and we went inside, it was nice and quiet, my Not Nicky’s got me a drink of water but I couldn’t face it. A lady brought her dog in and I couldn’t even be bothered to get up off the floor to say hello, he asked me what was wrong had I had a night out on the tiles? I looked at him and thought “wow you must have a rubbish home if you sleep on tiles” I have a duvet and my own bed box, I shook my head and nodded off. I heard Dad telling the lady that I have been really poorly, she said “even though he looks like a patchwork quilt, he is still a handsome boy” – I liked her J

Stefano came out to see me and I wagged my tail a bit, but I really didn’t want to get up, he told me to stop be so lazy and to stop being an attention seeker – I have no idea what he meant by that, but I got up and went into his office. I sat down and he checked me over, he said I looked poorly but he needed to spin my red men – I thought ohhh nooo, you don’t need to spin my red men, they are already spinning themselves inside me because I feel very dizzy. Stefano called me over and said he had something for me…. Duck sausages! I thought oh go on just one.. Dad said I wouldn’t want any because I’d not wanted them at home. I don’t know what it is but they always seem to taste different when Stefano gives me them.

There was a new man sitting in with us and Stefano told my Dad that he is taking over looking after me when Stefano leaves. He seemed nice and very clever because he also said I was a handsome looking boy.. I like him already.
We all went upstairs in the moving room, and normally when I go up there the Not-Nicky’s give me bits of chicken whilst Stefano steals some of my red men, but I really didn’t want any. When we got back downstairs Dad was waiting for me, Stefano said my red men had stayed at 25% which was good considering how poorly I’ve been in the past day. He said I needed some of my favourite strawberry medicine and some more sweeties, which would stop me being sick. Dad was happy and we set off home.

Mum was waiting for us when we got home, she gave me lots of cuddles and kisses and she sat on the floor with me and gave me a massage for ages, she stopped when her bum went numb hahahahahahah..

The next day I was feeling loads better, so much so that I ate my breakfast as well as some of Olga’s as well, of course she went and grassed on me to Dad, who told me off, I thought I’ll teach you for grassing Olga, so I chewed some of her biscuits until they went soft and then hid them under some of her other ones hahahahaha no-one likes soggy biscuits….

Dad said he wanted to have a few days away, and it’s been ages since we’ve been monstering, so he went and got all his monstering stuff from the garage, he wanted to sort all his rods and stuff. I had to wait for him to come back so I help. There were loads of lovely smelling things in Dad’s monstering bag and some pongy stuff as well. Olga’s not allowed to help because she would just try and eat everything, plus it’s a Dad and Lad thing, not a Dad and Lass thing.

I’m feeling loads better now, I’ve been out for a trot on my field and scared a few furries off, and I’ve been mastering my “pleeasssseee mum” look for more treats, I’ve not perfected it yet but practice makes perfect!

Love Louis and Olga xxxxx

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Catching some air

Wooooooofffffffffff everyone Louis here…….

It’s good to be home, as much as I love it at Rutland I do tend to come back with bits missing.

Mum said that I have to concentrate on making lots of red men, and get as much air as I can, I’m not sure this is what she meant hehehehe….

My Nana with the see through roof came to look after me and Olga for 2 whole days whilst Mum and Dad went to work, I told Dad I’m be fine to go to work with him, but he said no I had to stay at home, which is so unfair and I was about to throw a paddy when he told me Nana was coming – I thought – Brilliant- that only means one thing, tea and toast at ten! I was so excited.

The next morning Nana came round early, and she smothered me with kisses and cuddles, Olga tried to push in but I managed to keep her clear hehehe... before Mum went to work she whispered something to Nana about me, I heard -toast-treats… I thought YEY Mum is telling Nana to make sure I get lots of each.
When tea and toast time came round, Nana didn’t move, she stayed playing on her little computer, and giving me an ear rub. I gave a her a little nudge to remind her what time it was, but she didn’t move. I thought I need to try something different.. so I gave a little cry out, she put her computer down and said “Louis are you ok? Are you in pain? What can Nana do?” I looked at her and headed for the kitchen, she said “Louis I’m not allowed to give you anything your Mum said” – I spun round and ran back into the lounge and said “What!” I tried the big brown puppy eyes, they didn’t work, I tried little cries, they didn’t work.. Nana has become a tough cookie to crack! – ohhhh cookies.

Grandad called for his lunch and I thought I’m onto a sure winner here, Grandad loves cookies and sweeties and he will always give me something, plus he always drops something and I think I’m quicker than Olga now so I’ve a good chance I will pick something up – but NO! Grandad said “Louis mate sorry but your Nana has said you’re not allowed anything because of your upset tummy” OH MY DAYS this was not fair and wait till I tell Nicky that Mum and Dad are being mean to me, she will tell them off for sure.

I took Mum and Dad out for a wander this morning on my field, just to make sure everything was ok, because I cannot trust Olga to clear all the furries off. Dad said that he has to lift me into the car now because of my little metal things, it’s soooooooo embarrassing. When we got there I thought I’d got for a little run, but Dad said I have to stay hooked up him because Stefano said I wasn’t allowed to run about for a while, so we had the long lead, which was funny because I kept walking round Dad and he got all tangled up in the lead hahaha he almost fell over at one point. We weren’t out long because it started to rain and I hate it when I get wet, all my coat goes curly like Mum’s hair hahaha

I’m feeling better every day which is great but it also means Mum has gone back to her old habit of checking my gums every 5 mins, honestly I can be laid there watching the box minding my own business and the next thing Mum’s hands are in my mouth! It’s a good job I love her so much. Dad told her off the other day because he said “I know he is feeling better because he’s getting back to his demanding self” – honestly Dad I thought you were my mate!

I’m back to see Stefano on Wed next week, so I better get back to making my little red men.

Love Louis and Olga


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooffffff Wooffffffffff Wooooooooofffffffff everyone Louis here…..

I’m home!!! Mum and Dad came for me today and I had to say goodbye to all my friends at Rutland, I think Stefano wanted me to stay because he pretended to lose my collar, which meant I had to stay longer..he’s so naughty sometimes.

I made a new friend during my spa weekend, he name is Not-Stefano and he is a bit like Stefano, but not the same – I’m not sure what he does but he came to see me and told me that he was going to help me make more little red men. He said he was going to give me some sweeties and a special drink, TREATS Yeyyyee I was all over that idea. He came back with some juice which tasted like strawberries and some treats, they were ok but not as nice as my Duck Treats! Not-Stefano needs to get himself some duck sausages that’s for sure.

After my sweeties I started to feel really sleepy, so I thought I’d have a quick nap, what’s the worst that can happen? I’m not sure how long I was asleep for but when I woke up my tummy was sore, I tried to think where I’d been because I don’t remember going anywhere?? And I’m sure I hadn’t been chasing any furries? Olga hadn’t been jumping on me - After a few mins I looked down at my tummy and saw them! Lots of little metal things…nooooooooo what’s fallen off me now! I tried to see if I could pull them out but Cornelia caught me and told me off!!! 

I’ve even managed to get myself on the naughty step at Rutland!! Honestly this is just not fair! Had I to promise Cornelia that I would not touch my little metal things again, and in return she promised to give me lots and lots of cuddles.  Thought that’s a good deal because they are sore and I’m never touching them again!

Cornelia kept her promise and she came in and told me a story about a big brave Dobie – I asked if he was brown like me and she said “yes Louis he is”, she told me how handsome he was -is he handsome like me?, she said “yes Louis of course”, she carried on and told me how brave he was - is he brave like me?, she said “Louis let me tell the story!” I let her carry on but I had to keep nudging her to keep rubbing my ears. She told me how brave this brown handsome Dobie was, and that she loved him very much and he had to keep fighting the baddy because he was a superhero -I looked at her and said “Is the superhero meeeeee” she said “Yes Louis he is” I like that story, Cornelia came and told me lots of stories about this “Dobieheart” gosh he really is brave.

As much as I love it at Rutland – well apart from when bits that drop off me, I love to be home more – schhhhh don’t tell Olga!

Stefano said he wants to see me next week to spin my red men again and he said there has to be more of them or I’m in trouble, so I have 25% now and he wants more, I told him I need more duck sausages - he told me to help myself on the way out.... so I grabbed a bag hehehehehehehehe.

See you soon
Love Louis and Olga


Monday, 4 July 2016

Update from Rutland House

Hi Louis's Mum here........
So today was the day Louis had his operation to remove his spleen, this really is his last chance at some kind of recovery. It won’t cure him of IMHA, but it could slow down the destruction of his red blood cells, to a level that his body will create more than is destroyed. It can also allow Stefano to reduce the drugs significantly which can only be a good thing, as they have devastating side effects.
Louis’s PCV had dropped overnight to 11% this morning from 15% yesterday. They gave him a blood transfusion which was planned and used the cross matched blood we had ordered.
His PCV went up to 19% after the transfusion so was given the all clear to go into the operation.

His surgeon Jan (Yan) called us before he started the operation to introduce himself (as we hadn’t had the chance to meet him), and he reassured us that this is a routine operation for him, and he has done loads. He also said they use a state of the art tool that seals the blood vessels as he cuts them, this reduces the impact of blood loss, especially because Louis is on blood thinning drugs as well.

So Louis went down around 2pm today, and just after 3pm I got the call to say he had sailed through the operation, and the surgeon was really happy with him, and was impressed with how well he came round after the procedure.
Louis was sat up and alert and seemed very happy, they did another PCV test and he was at 25%, which is great.

We now just have to wait to see what happens tomorrow, he is staying in intensive care overnight, and being monitored hourly.
We are hoping his PCV goes up again tomorrow, and that he remains clear from infections, and of course we want him home as soon as possible.
Thank you to everyone who has been in touch and sent get well messages and cards, it’s amazing how many people this brave boy has touched through his blog with his fun and games. I know it is really really early days, and we have a long long way to go, but the fact that he came through the operation is massive to me and I am clinging onto that for today.

Lots of love Louis Mum xxxx

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Staying a Rutland for another Spa weekend

Hi Everyone Louis Mum here…..

We have agreed to have Louis’s spleen removed on Monday at 11am, it really is his last chance, we have researched the operation and spoke to Stefano at length on the risks etc, we have also had to face the fact that we could lose him on the operating table or soon after if he develops an infection or suffers a huge blood loss, so this decision has not been taken lightly it really is his only chance of a possible recovery.

As always this comes with a hefty cost, and our decision to continue with treatment has been questioned, after all apparently he is only a dog! That kind of comment really is hurtful and I’ve always replied to it with “And that’s why you should never let a dog into your family”

We asked Stefano to arrange for cross matched blood to be ready just in case his PCV falls anymore over the weekend, which they did and as suspected we found ourselves taking him back over to Rutland yesterday because we felt he was deteriorating, he wasn’t getting up to greet us and even John could go to the loo without Louis following now that’s a sure sign he’s not feeling well.

When we got there the nurses were waiting for us, and he had his PCV checked again, this time it was 15%, so not low enough for a transfusion, but still in the danger area. They were also a little concerned about his heart rate, so suggested he should stay with them over the weekend, and be monitored. If he needed a transfusion before Monday then they would give him one, of course we agreed, because watching him at home is just draining, plus we are almost an hour’s drive away so if he needed help urgently we would be in trouble.
We don’t worry about leaving him at Rutland because we know he is well looked after, and his surgeon is in this weekend as well, so if he needs any support everyone is on hand.

Rutland called us this morning and he’s had a good night, and his heart rate is back to normal range which is great news, his PCV has remained at 15%, so they are not going to give him the blood transfusion unless it drops below 15%. Stefano has been kept updated, and Louis seems happy and more alert.

If all goes well we will be able to bring him home on Tuesday at some point, I think Olga may need to have a couple of sleepovers at her Nana’s or Little John’s if she starts to try and mother Louis when he’s home, but we will just have to wait and see – we are not at that point yet.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch via email etc, your kind words mean a lot to us.

Lots of Love Louis Mum, Louis and Olga.